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  Pastel Oil Charcoal
or Conte
Head & Shoulders $3,000 $6,000 $900
Half Figure with Hands $4,500 $7,000 $1,500
Three-Quarter Length $5,500 $8,000 $2,500
Full Figure $7,500 $9,000 $3,500

For each additional figure add the portrait fee less ten percent. Pets and elaborate interiors or landscapes will be additional costs depending on the complexity of the composition and design. The above prices do not include travel, taxes or framing. Kerry will be happy to assist with the framing. Kerry will deliver the finished painting.

Commissioning a portrait is a very special and unique experience. Commissioned portraits began as early as ancient Greece and today portraits are considered to be among the highest form of the fine arts.

Capturing the soul, spirit & character of a person is much more than just knowing the technical anatomy of the human form. The artist must work from life and engage the sitter in lively conversation. This exchange reveals beautiful nuances of the sitter’s personality to the painter. Through this process the painter edits information into the painting. Through direct observation and a keen awareness a beautiful painting develops into a larger than life portrait.

Kerry will meet with the clients in their home, office or her private studio in Tampa, Florida. Kerry will spend time getting to know the subject, discuss the pose, and whether the portrait will be a formal indoor or casual outdoor portrait. The clothing and other details will be determined at this first sitting. Kerry prefers to always work from live sittings but understands when some busy professionals may not have the time to do more than one to three sittings. Kerry will do a digital photo shoot to determine the most interesting pose and a color sketch in oil or pastel at this first sitting. Expect approximately two hours for the photo shoot and two to three hours for the color sketch.

Depending on the complexity of the painting the portrait can take anywhere from three months to one year. Oil paintings are done on the finest Belgium Linen with archival paints . A 40% deposit is required at the signing of the contract. The remainder is due upon delivery. Kerry assists her clients through framing and will deliver the finished work herself. Contact Kerry directly to schedule an appointment at your convenience. After the pose is determined with the client Kerry will do a small oil or pastel color sketch of the pose and color scheme in her studio for for final approval. A final sitting is suggested to complete the portrait in either the client's home, office or artists' studio.

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