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Kerry Vosler Studio & Atelier

Adult classes and workshops are designed to truly teach the artist to visually understand the natural world before us. She uses direct painting methods and merges both classical and impressionistic approaches. Kerry will work with artists at any level to help them gain knowledge and skills to propel them to the next level of development in the craft of drawing and painting.

Most classes are in her Tampa North light studio or on location in nearby parks or sea shore. You may contact Kerry directly to schedule a national or international workshop. Kerry travels often and will be happy to come to your location.

A unique program of Art Instruction for teens and preteens

See our Vosler Young Artists' Atelier web site for details.

Vosler Young Artists' Studio

This highly successful classical drawing program for young artists ages seven to eighteen was founded in 2010 by Kerry Vosler and her husband, James Vosler in Tampa, Florida . Atelier (atil-ya) is a French word literally translated as "workshop." In English, it is used to refer to a working studio, typically an artist's studio. The Atelier Method is a form of fine art instruction often modeled after the private art schools of 15th to 19th century Europe. An Atelier consists of a master instructor who is professional painter, working with a small number of students to train them in traditional drawing and painting techniques. This skills based program is designed to give the young artist a fundamental understanding of drawing by the time they are 18 years of age to prepare them for higher levels of education in the arts.

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